PUBG Configs

PUBG Pro Settings – At this point almost everyone knows that PUBG is a game of skills, without skills you can’t go much further in this game. Outliving the opponents and reaching top #1 for Chicken Dinner is not that easy to be honest. The game has a competitive run for a while but wasn’t successful at all, since everyone ended up camping and not trying to take duels.

PUBG Configs

Whenever a new player joins the game, he/she struggles with what configuration he should be playing with. The objective of the website is to guide the new players and give them the best settings to play with so that they can improve their gameplay along with their aim. Everyone knows that in a FPS game, things such as Mouse, DPI, In-game Sensitivity have different-different roles. This website is dedicated to covering everything about PUBG, also it a part of the Games Radar Today network.

Below are the list of players and their configs that you can follow

  • C9 Shroud
  • Grimmmz
  • Jackfrags
  • Summit1G
  • Anthony Kongphan
  • Cohhcarnage
  • Dr Disrespect
  • Ninja
  • AndyPyro

PUBG Guides

  • Best Recommended Mouse
  • PUBG Vehicles Spawn Guide
  • Best Sensitivity Settings
  • How To Increase FPS in Game
  • PUBG Graphic Settings

Take note that just copying the config is not going to improve your gameplay. There are several factors that improve your gameplay in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. We will be putting up a few guides regarding utility usage, how to improve your aim etc, you can follow those and easily improve your game.

You can always use the contact us page to let us know if there are any issues with our websites. Comment on the player respective articles if you feel like the information is not accurate. We will work on it and get if fixed.